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We make your Tour Operators and Group Leaders look like heroes!

Open your senses to the world of travel.  Scroll through our extensive list of tours, from fall foliage in Vermont to tasteful culinary experiences in Spain and discover a destination just waiting for you.  We’ll be with you every step of the way, from packing your bags to unpacking your memories.

– Keith Sherpa, Owner

24/7 Personalized Service


"I have scheduled many trips through Notch Above Tours, both in the country and abroad. They always work very hard to get the best options possible and are available 24-7 throughout the tour. I have always been extremely happy with the quality of the trips and the service that I have received. I highly recommend Notch Above Tours."

Linda J.

"I first met Gwendy when she joined an association I belong to that is composed of 32 different tour companies. In those years since our first meeting, I have diverted a significant amount of business away from association members with whom I have long term relationships and sent it her; simply because she provides better service than the others."


"I have done business with Notch Above for at least three years and it has been very satisfying.   They handle several of my groups each year coordinating lodging, meals, transportation and etc in both Boston & New York. They are experienced professionals and I have great trust and faith in their performance. "


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