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  Participant Contract & Release Acknowledgement 2023 


  • Group Name:

Peoples Academy & Stowe High School

  • Destination:

Costa Rica

  • Trip Leaders: 

Laura Kalp & Heidi Vietze

  • Beginning Date Tour:

April 20, 2024

  • Ending Date of Tour: 

April 28, 2024

  • Package Cost Per Person:


Bases on 20 students

  • *Carbon Offsetting Options:


*Carbon Offsetting

We, the local organization in Costa Rica, partner with ClimateSafe to offset the carbon emissions created from land and air travel. If you would like to participate, carbon offsetting can be included in your program for an additional $45 per person.



  • A deposit in the amount of $300 is due with the application

  • $100 is non-refundable if canceled before December 5, 2023

  • 50% installment is due December 5, 2023

  • No refunds after December 5, 2023

  • Final installment is due January 5, 2024


If you choose to cancel for any reason that is not covered by insurance, you must find a qualified student

participant to take your place. You will not receive any refund in the case of not being able to find a suitable


ETS - (for trip information) - Lee (802-578 8208), Tim (802-578-8221), Jan (802-233-3287)

Notch Above Tours - (for billing and insurance) - Keith (802-881-0661 ex 1)


Travel insurance has been included in the cost of this trip. Refer to the Travelex link for benefits and coverage, LEARN MORE


The trip consists of the itinerary submitted by NAT to your sponsoring organization or school. The program fee does not include anything not stated in the "Trip Includes" list on the itinerary. Specifically, but without limitation, the program fee does not include passport and/or visa fees, optional excursions beyond those specifically mentioned in the “Trip Includes” list, optional beverages, meals, excess baggage charges, expenses of a personal nature, personal purchases, entrance fees and transportation charges incurred during free time, transportation and/or meals from the participant’s home to the origination point of the trip and back, or overnight lodging and/or meals before departure or upon return of an international flight, some optional gratuities and trip interruption (see "Trip Includes” on your itinerary).



When one travels internationally, a passport must be valid for 6 months after your return to the United States. Some country websites say a passport need only be valid for 3 months after your return to the United States. To be on the safe side, we at NAT recommend that a passport be valid for 6 months after your return to the United States.


Airport transit visas may be required when the group transfers for an ongoing flight. Check to see if your country, as listed on your passport, requires such an airport transit visa.


We all live in a constantly changing world. We, at NAT, try to keep abreast of the latest visa requirements. Ultimately, it is the traveler’s responsibility to check the validity of his/her passport, his/her airline flight information, and any applicable visa requirements for your travel.


Below you will find information and corresponding links regarding passports.

Getting a new passport


NAT reserves the right to make changes in the trip, which will not constitute grounds for refund, including without limitation: changes in scheduling initiated by airlines or other transportation providers, delays due to weather or mechanical difficulties, changes to the order in which cities are visited and the duration in each city, options which depend on a specified number of participants, changes in teachers or chaperones, omission of scheduled visits to public buildings (due to holidays, strikes or unannounced closures), and other changes which NAT deems appropriate. Whenever possible, suitable alternatives will be provided.



Rooms will be doubles, triples and quads with two to four beds per room. Single rooms are available for a supplemental fee.


NAT does not act as an agent for providers of home stays; nor does NAT, in any other sense, arrange, control, provide information about, or have any involvement with home stays.



Any participant under the age of 18, wishing to make travel arrangements separate from the rest of the group, must complete an NAT ‘Travel Deviation Form’. This form needs to be filled out and signed by


both parents and/or guardians before the student travels with the group. If any participant wishes NAT to assist in making travel arrangements, separate from the group, a service fee will be charged. Airline change fees may also be incurred. If the participant travels separately from the group, no airport transfers will be provided, unless requested. If requested, NAT will arrange separate airport transfers, for an additional fee. NAT is not responsible for arrangements made by individuals who travel separately from the group. Any adult who deviates from the group is required to fill out the ‘Travel Deviation Form’.



NAT acts only as an agent for airlines, hotels, transportation companies, sightseeing contractors and other principals and is not to be considered as the principal operator directly or indirectly of these services. NAT cannot be responsible for events beyond its control, including without limitation, acts of God, strikes, war, terrorism, political events, government restrictions, personal injury, and property damage, property loss, or default or bankruptcy by said principals. No warranties, terms or conditions apply to any trip unless expressly stated in writing by NAT and signed by an officer of Notch Above Tours.


The applicant will abide by the schedule of payments agreed upon by the organization/school and NAT, and the laws of the State of Vermont shall govern this agreement. This agreement cannot be modified except in writing, signed by NAT and the applicant.



I, whose name and signature appear on the Notch Above Tours application (and my parent and/or guardian if I am under 18), understand and agree to the following:


I am responsible for my own conduct and behavior on the trip. NAT does not condone the use of alcohol or drugs on any trip, and shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage arising from the selling, serving, giving or consumption of any alcoholic beverage or drug.


I understand that traveling is an activity that involves risk and hazard.


I understand that NAT acts only as an agent for the suppliers of trip services, and that the acts or omissions of such suppliers--including, without limitation, airlines, surface transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, and tour operators--are not within the control of NAT.


Being fully aware of the risks, conditions and hazards of the trip, and the lack of control of NAT over the providers of trip services, I hereby agree to RELEASE AND DISCHARGE, in advance, NAT, its directors, officers, employees and agents, from any and all liability whether known or unknown, for damages for death, illness, personal injury, emotional trauma, or property damage or loss resulting from the trip and assume the risk thereof; and agree to WAIVE, any and all claims for damages for death, illness, personal injury, emotional trauma, or property damage or loss, which I may have or which may hereafter accrue to me as a result of the trip, against NAT, its directors, officers, employees, and agents.


I further agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS NAT, its directors, officers, employees and agents, for any claim for death, illness, personal injury, emotional trauma, or property damage or


loss, to myself or others, which I cause or which results from my participation in the trip; and from any claim arising out of any financial obligation or liability which I incur, or any other act or omission by me.


If I become ill or incapacitated, I understand that CT will assist wherever possible, but NAT will not be held liable for the quality and timeliness of any such medical care received, nor for any expenses incurred.


I understand that an air carrier’s liability for loss or damage to baggage or for death or injury to person or property is limited to their tariffs or the Warsaw Convention or both.


I understand that NAT is not responsible for any costs arising from the loss, theft, destruction, or damage of any of my personal property during the trip, including my airline ticket. I understand that each airline has its own procedures for dealing with lost tickets and that if I lose my airline ticket, I may be required to purchase from the

airline a full-fare replacement ticket. I accept that in these circumstances it is entirely my own responsibility to pursue any refund directly from the airline. In case any portion of my ticket is unused, it is my responsibility to return the unused portion that has been issued on my behalf to the airline so that a refund request can be processed.


I understand and accept that it is my personal responsibility to obtain all visas, passports and required documents in order to enter all of the countries stated on my itinerary. Passports must be valid for at least six months at the end of the tour. If I am not a citizen of the United States, I will contact the embassy or consulate of my destination countries for specific entry requirements, including re-entry requirements to the United States. NAT shall not be liable for any failure or inability to obtain such documents. Inability to obtain these documents will not entitle me to a refund or the initial non-refundable deposit.


All fees are based on rates currently quoted by airlines, hotels, restaurants, guides, and bus companies and the rate of currency exchange in effect at the time of securing space. The final payment could change as the strength of the U.S. Dollar changes or if there should be an increase in prices from the time of the first quote. Air, land, and hotel prices can be guaranteed only after full payment is received. NAT tries to alert you to any price changes that might occur.


NAT shall have the sole right, at any time in its discretion and without liability or cost to NAT, to cancel any tour at any time in the event of any tour being rendered impossible or inadvisable by weather, strikes, war, terrorism, acts of God, political events, governmental interference or any cause whatsoever that is beyond NAT’s control. In such an event NAT will endeavor to obtain as much of a refund as possible for the participant from other parties (e.g. transportation companies, tour operators, etc.), but will not be liable for the same.


In the event I cancel my participation in the trip, I accept the terms of the refund policy as outlined in the Tour Participant Contract.


NAT has my permission to use my image, as in a photograph, in marketing materials, for adult participants only.



Most airline tickets are totally non-refundable. Any refund is dictated by the policies of the individual airline and the land operator.


If you cancel from a NAT trip, your right to receive a refund is limited as outlined above. If you withdraw from the trip before departure and have a replacement, NAT will need:

  1. Written notice of cancellation.
  2. Completed application form of the new participant.

  3. Equivalent payment up to that date.

  4. Name change fee as determined by the airline.

All of the above requirements need to be sent to NAT in the same envelope. You will receive a refund for your trip minus a $50.00 administrative fee. 




Tour Participant Contract Release 

Parents/legal guardians: PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN 1 (one) form per traveler. 

Tour Participant Contract Release Acknowledgement 

I have read and understand the Tour Participant Contract & Release and agree to be bound by it. 


A signature of a parent or legal guardian is required. Your signature authorizes the governing body to escort the applicant over state and international borders. I am the parent or legal guardian of the above applicant and I have read the Tour Participant Contract and Release. I agree to be bound by it.


Dual custody will require signatures from both parents 


Please complete using entire given name EXACTLY as on passport (no nicknames). Misspelled names, incorrect passport information, etc. will likely lead to denial of boarding flight! 

Thanks for submitting!

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